A Heart Without Idols

Yeshua (Jesus’ Hebrew name) accepts us just as we are when we first come to Him. However, as He meets our needs, we gradually discover that God is seeking something from our lives.  He...

Making righteous choices by embracing His wisdom

Making Righteous Choices in 2023

There are a plethora of books, DVDs, and seminars available today with the ubiquitous belief that people can avoid bad choices and make righteous choices. Companies require their employees to attend seminars to teach...

The Road Ahead, YHWH goes before

The Road Ahead

We cannot know what the future holds for us. But as believers we do know who will be there with us when our future does unfold.

Messiah is coming for the Bride of Christ

The Bride

Messiah Yeshua is not only coming back for a ‘bride’ without spot or blemish, He is also coming back for a bride that is mature AND ready.